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The Municipality

Geographical Location

Arbolí is a municipality of El Baix Camp County. It is placed on a flat area on the North-east side of the Prades Mountains. The township is very rugged, and it is drained by the Arbolí Gully, which is a tributary of the Siurana River. It has an area of approximately 21,11 Km&sup2. At the present, it has almost totally been absorbed by Alforja and Reus into their influence region.

The village is at a height of 714 metres. In the present days, it is the only inhabited place of the municipality. Within the township, there is a small place called Gallicant, which was abandoned time ago. 


Economical Activities

The brushwood and the pines occupy about three quarters of the total land of the township. There are over 25 ha.of garden vegetables, although the most important product is the hazel nut, in the unirrigated lands. There used to be some herds, but they got very reduced in the past. The coal had been until recently the most important industry, but it is not now as important as it used to. There used to be four mills for making brown paper, and one of flour. All of them are abandoned and almost destroyed. There are two copper mines that are not being exploited.

In 1900 the population decreased in about 70%. The settlement of a military base, called "Los Castillejos", contributed to increase the number of inhabitants during some years.

Although the population is not very big now, most of the houses in the village are being used as second houses for many visitors, who get there during the weekends and the Summer.

There is an excellent restaurant, known as "El Pigot". The most important activity for leisure time is the practise of climbing and hill walking.

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